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How much neurontin does it take to get high

By Pietro | febbraio 2, 2018

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my son 27yrs is currently on neuronton 300mg 3×3 tegratol 400mgx2 pernabarboton 5mgx2 the problem is that only one hospital in out area stock the neurontin and i can t always get there in time to renew the prescription – he s been off the neuronton for 7 days – is there any withdrawl symptoms i have to look out – unfortunately my son is mentally physically handicapped and don t talk – so i don t know if he feels different – can u plse help me.

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neurontin is an anti-epileptic anticonvulsant medication used to treat adults and children with epilepsy and seizures by affecting the chemicals and nerves in Order the body that can lead to seizures.

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